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Please share banners on social media, news media pages , Facebook, Twitter ,and help spread the word to get answers to who murdered Shirley Jane. Link them to here: http://justiceforshirleyjanerose.com

Shirley Jane Rose was a cousin of mine. She was the daughter to my fathers brother Charles (Chuck) Rose. I felt compelled to do this website because she too was a part of my family and she DOES deserve JUSTICE as well as any other person that has been a victim of a crime. Shirley Jane Rose was only 9 years-old. In 1975, she was not aware that drugs were a big business in her hometown.
She was free to romp and play and go to school and walk from her grandmother’s home on West Avenue to her house a few blocks away on Scenic. A witness reported seeing someone in a 1969-1970 blue Chevrolet pull up behind Shirley on the street. Later, she was supposedly spotted again on the same street, and the car had left the scene. At 6:45 p.m. on October 17, the pretty grade schooler who was known for her sweet disposition was picked off the street just a block from her home.
Her wholesome face, a carbon copy of actress Kristy McNichol from the popular ‘70s television show Family, became well known to Springfieldian’s as the search for her abductor or abductors began. A few months later, a caretaker at McDaniel Lake, found the little girl’s grave. Shirley Jane’s family had provided the description of their missing child and the fact that she had been last seen wearing a favorite embroidered shirt.
Animals had unearthed part of a skeleton wearing that same blouse. A vibrant young elementary student was simply folded and discarded like a milk carton in the trash. Her case remains unsolved till this day. Investigative Agency Springfield Police Department (Missouri) Website dedicated to Shirley Jane Rose’s case.
Website http\://justiceforshirleyjanerose.com
FACEBOOK GROUP https\://www.facebook.com/Justice4ShirleyJaneRose