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Missing Person-Cheryl Kenney-Nevada, MO

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25 Year Mystery: Where is Cheryl Kenney?

Kenney disappeared in Nevada, Missouri, leaving 2 children


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NEVADA, Mo.  — 25 years ago Saturday, a woman from Nevada, Missouri vanished, leaving no clues behind.

Law enforcement says despite the length of time that has passed, closing this case is still a priority, and they need the public’s help.

“She was a local, a native of Nevada. At the time, I believe she was living near Walker,” said Sgt. Jeff Baker, Nevada Police Department.

Sergeant Jeff Baker says Cheryl Kenney was a mother of two, a wife and a honest, hard working person. That all changed the night of February 27th, 1991.

“Apparently, she closed the store about 10 o’clock that night, and was never seen again,” said Sgt.Baker.

Sgt. Baker says over the years, thousands of hours have been spent on dozens, if not hundreds of interviews, all aimed at finding out what happened to Kenney.

“They went to several different leads that they’ve got, you know, I mean, nothing ever came about,” said Sgt.Baker.

Sgt. Baker began looking into the case for himself about five years ago, and says the shear lack of clues is frustrating.

“There was no evidence to even be found at the location she was reported missing. I mean, there was no struggle, no sign of a break in, nothing missing from the store. I mean, it was just like she just vanished,” said Sgt.Baker.

While the Kenney investigation, which is still considered a missing person case, was always an active one, Nevada Police Chief Graham Burnley says it’s been a major emphasis for his department since he took over in 2011.

“It was a time for us to take a look at it and see if we could come up with anything fresh,” said Graham Burnley, Nevada Police Chief.

He says he believes someone out there knows what happened to Kenney, or has information that could help them finally provide answers, and closure to her family and the community.

“I really want to have some sort of information. If we can have the community help us with this, it’s so important for us to get some input from someone who knows something about the case, and give us some direction on where to go,” said Chief Burnley.

Chief Burnley says with the 25th anniversary of Cheryl Kenney’s disappearance upon us, now is the time for anyone with information to come forward, and help her family find peace.

“They want some closure on this, as we want to provide that to them. My police want that same closure. There’s nobody in the world that wants to see a resolution to this case more than we,” said Chief Burnley.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Nevada Police Department at (417) 448-5100. Chief Burnley says callers can remain anonymous.


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  1. Was William Reece ever in Missouri? He was in Texas and Oklahoma. They had all kinds of receipts from his vehicle did anyone in the field track receipts to places with missing woman? Just wondering if he was around at that time after watching about him on TV.


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