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Please leave your thought, your prayers for Justice For Shirley Jane Rose


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  1. I am basically the same age as Shirley. I didn’t know her, but knew of the abduction and the finding of her body. It had an effect on me because not a year has gone by that I have not thought about her and what happened to her. We used to drive by the house on Scenic and I would be sad wondering about her.
    I hope your family can get closure one day for her.


  2. It is nice to know Shirley has not been forgotten!

    A Rose

    In heaven’s flower garden grows
    A single little pure white rose
    Plucked from earth and taken there
    To blossom in God’s loving care.
    – By: Craig A. Davis,
    May 24, 1986
    (In loving memory of Shirley Jane Rose)


  3. I cried and prayed so hard for your safety. I’m so sorry that evil found you, and took you away. A piece of my heart went with you sweet girl. I’ve never forgotten you, and pray that they will be punished.
    I only find peace knowing you are with Jesus


  4. I Pray for Justice for Shirley. Like the Monsters who murdered my Son Carlos Jimenez Jr. Will have to answer to the Lord some day. Rest In Paradise Sweet little Girl.


  5. Why is Shirley’s middle name changed from Shirley Jean Rose to Shirley Jane? Shirley’s grandfather worked with my father at the Campbell 66 truck line. The police know who abducted Shirley and why but the evidence was never strong enough for a conviction. I understand a county Judge knows more but can’t supply the info because of lawyer-client restrictions. I’m familiar with the family business, people reported seeing the car of a son of the owner and the driver stopped and talking to Shirley just before she disappeared. Shirley’s mother told me they knew who was involved, having to do with a drug deal that went sour, they took Shirley to put pressure on the family but the police closed in so quickly they had to kill Shirley, All of them should pay, Think of all the years Shirley has missed…she was only 9


  6. I was 12 at the time and lived nearby. What happened to Shirley has always haunted me. I am glad that justice is still being sought for her.


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