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Please leave your thought, your prayers for Justice For Shirley Jane Rose


6 thoughts on “Sign|View Guestbook

  1. I am basically the same age as Shirley. I didn’t know her, but knew of the abduction and the finding of her body. It had an effect on me because not a year has gone by that I have not thought about her and what happened to her. We used to drive by the house on Scenic and I would be sad wondering about her.
    I hope your family can get closure one day for her.


  2. It is nice to know Shirley has not been forgotten!

    A Rose

    In heaven’s flower garden grows
    A single little pure white rose
    Plucked from earth and taken there
    To blossom in God’s loving care.
    – By: Craig A. Davis,
    May 24, 1986
    (In loving memory of Shirley Jane Rose)


  3. I cried and prayed so hard for your safety. I’m so sorry that evil found you, and took you away. A piece of my heart went with you sweet girl. I’ve never forgotten you, and pray that they will be punished.
    I only find peace knowing you are with Jesus


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