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3 thoughts on “Tina Sue Spencer -Homicide

  1. Tina was my dad’s baby sister, and I’ve always been told I look and act exactly like aunt Tina did. I wish we knew who was responsible so we could get justice. I didn’t know about Shirley until today…


  2. I have a degree in criminology that I have not been able to utilize. I also like to write so I am thinking about combining the two and write about real crime. Would you be willing to talk to me? Email me at scrappin7@gmail.com put Tina’s name in the subject line. Cynthia


  3. I just stumbled on to this today. After 43 years, we have not forgotten and we will not forget. Tina was a beautiful child and truly a blessing to our family. It is my daily prayer that justice be served for her and also for Shirley Jane Rose. My heart goes out to Shirley’s family. The pain and the questions never go away. A piece of our hearts have been ripped out. So many are living in pain and with memories. Our lives have been changed forever.
    Jaxcene Merriam


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